Best Qualities To Succeed And Be Happy In Life

Best qualities to succeed and be happy in life – Simple and easy to be developed within ourselves

If we want to grow as people, it is imperative that we can see ourselves as we are. Only then will we know what’s right and what’s not so good.

One way to do this is to understand what a person’s best qualities are and see what we have. So we can put ourselves in context to know what to work on. But before we see a list of the best qualities, let’s see what a quality itself is.

What are a person’s qualities

1. Element or distinctiveness of someone’s nature or something

2. Condition or nature of something or someone.

With the precise definition, let’s move on to see what a person’s best qualities are.

One person’s best qualities to succeed and be happy

We are all unique; we have our pros and cons. However, as we understand that we can improve, we will focus our efforts on achieving better versions of ourselves.

And one way to do that is by incorporating new qualities or optimizing the ones we already have.

Below you will find a list of the best qualities of a person and explain each one.


Definition: Ability to identify with someone and share their feelings.

Identifying with the people around you will allow you to understand how they feel and form much more enjoyable relationships, either with family members or collaborators.

Additionally, sharing your feelings shows others that you trust them, and by the law of reciprocity, they are much more likely to trust you.


Definition: Ability to understand things instantly, without the need for reasoning.

The English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said: “Civilization advances by expanding the number of important operations we can perform without thinking about them.”

In our day-to-day life, we make the most decisions without thinking, mainly because we’ve already formed habits.

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That’s why intuition is one of the most valuable qualities of a person. Because without reasoning, better decisions can be made. In the workplace, this is essential to save time and resources.


Definition: Habit of giving or sharing with others without receiving anything in return.

Generosity is indispensable if we want to help those around us. Besides, there’s a pretty exciting side one, and that’s when you give, you get a lot more. When you help, whether sharing your time or resources, you get an invaluable satisfaction boost.

Best Qualities To Succeed And Be Happy In Life
Best Qualities To Succeed And Be Happy In Life

Additionally, generosity is the first step in delivering the world better than we received it.


Definition: Feeling of respect and fidelity to one’s moral principles, established commitments, or someone.

The real friends, those who overcome together any difficulty, those people who are by your side all their lives; they’re about to understand that you’re loyal to them.

You won’t be able to achieve a significant goal on your own. You’ll be able to think of unique ideas, but when it comes to executing them, you’ll need people who are willing to sacrifice everything for your vision. And to achieve this, they must feel that your loyalty is with them.

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Definition: Ability or ability to convince a person to think in a certain way or do something through reasons or arguments.

If you learn how to persuade, you’ll realize that life is much easier than it looks. Persuading will allow you to have people on your side who work for your own goals. And in short, it will be the best shortcut for you to get everything you want.

Best Qualities To Succeed And Be Happy In Life


Definition: Tendency to see and judge things in their most positive or more favorable aspect.

“Seeing the glass half full” is the ultimate cliché of entrepreneurship. However, it is a phrase that has a lot of weight; because optimism is the first step in starting to BELIEVE that you can GROW.

For example, if you look in the mirror and only see your flaws, you won’t have the confidence to do anything at all. You’ll feel withdrawn, and you’ll be ruled by fear.

But if instead of seeing your weaknesses, you see everything good you have, you can BELIEVE that you can achieve your goals.


Definition: Ability to strive for what is necessary when doing one thing.

If you want to succeed and be happy, you must have willpower; otherwise, you’ll be one more victim of drifting. Fortunately, willpower is one of the good habits you can adopt. It won’t be easy, but once you get it, you’ll see great results.


Definition: Formal agreement reached by two or more parties after making certain concessions each.

What do you think of people who don’t keep their word?… You certainly don’t think anything good, and therefore, you don’t want others to think that about you.


If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know you’re here? People who are guided by their goals have a huge advantage over other people.

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Having a clear goal will initially give you the motivation to get started, and once you get into a rhythm, you’ll forge the discipline needed to achieve it.


Definition: Faculty of the person or entity that can act according to their discretion, regardless of the opinion or desire of others.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where “what they will say” governs the choices of many. But successful and happy people learned to stand out from other people’s opinions and forge paths that make them proud.

Good mood

Definition: State of joy or willingness.

It is very difficult for motivation and creativity to survive in hostile environments. And the best way to create ideal environments is to have a good mood.

Laughter spread more than a virus, and the benefits are enormous. A person with good humor can better withstand any difficulty, and that makes it one of the qualities of the most exciting people.


Definition: A point of view that is taken when performing an analysis, research, theorization, etc.

People with the right approach understand the goals that will bring them the most return, and they have the ability not to lose sight of them.


Definition: Virtue consisting of knowledge of one’s limitations and weaknesses.

No one is perfect, and no one will be. And only those who recognize their weaknesses will be able to work on them. Humility is an obligatory step on the road to improvement.


Definition: That inspires, especially ideas or suggestions for forming organizations, currents or movements, or for artistic creation.

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Inspiring people are necessary for the development of the world as we know it. 

Someone imagined the car and inspired the creation of an entire industry that will continue for many years to come, with smartphones, veganism, philosophical currents, etc.

Inspiring people can make sense of the lives of those who embrace their ideals.


Definition: A feeling of esteem and recognition that a person has towards whom he has done a favor or provided a service he wishes to reciprocate.

Gratitude is so incredible; it benefits the recipient more than the recipient. Don’t you believe me?…

Feeling gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function and facilitate more efficient sleep.

Gratitude reduces the risk of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders, and is a critical factor in resilience in suicide prevention.”

The best qualities to succeed and be happy

Good reader

Reading opens the doors to new worlds that are filled with thousands of doors and learnings. Best of all, it opens our minds to new possibilities; and that’s precisely the most important thing because to the extent that our ideas are not locked in a box, we can make more and better decisions.


Definition: Creativity can generate new ideas or concepts of new associations between ideas and known concepts, which usually produce original solutions.

From the definition, I will keep the last part: “they produce original solutions.” Life is full of obstacles, some big ones not so much, but there is always something on our path to success.

And only creatives are the ones who can think “out of the box” to find the best ways to overcome them.


Definition: Who has a passion or vehement inclination for something or someone.

Passion is the gasoline of other qualities of a person who wants to be happy and prosperous. For example, passion helps keep motivation and focus afloat.

And in general, people who are passionate about what they do are the only ones who can get everything they set out to do.

Good memory

Definition: Ability to collect, store and evoke the past, such as associating and distinguishing people, objects, moments, and, in particular, sensations.

Good memory is an ace up your sleeve instrumental. Remember names, facts, dates, and so on; overcomes mental barriers to facilitate decision-making. And if we consider that the world is going pretty fast, it takes on even more value.


Definition: Ability to express our desires in a kind, straightforward, open, direct, and appropriate way, managing to say what we want without attacking others.

Assertiveness is key to effective communication that allows you to work as a team, in a work environment, and live in harmony with your relatives. This results in stability, which you will or will need to be happy.

Best Qualities To Succeed And Be Happy In Life


Definition: Superior quality or kindness that makes one thing or a person worthy of appreciation and esteem.

The pursuit of excellence is one of the characteristics of a most valued person. Regardless of the goal, giving the maximum is not optional; it is an obligation; because only then will you make sure you challenge yourself constantly.


Definition: I want to know or find out one thing.

Wanting to know more is the key to the door of knowledge. If nothing makes you curious, how much are you going to learn?

Curious people are the ones who expand their boundaries by researching and testing new things often. This allows them to open their minds and have more information to make better decisions.


Definition: Ability to quickly adapt to different circumstances or to accommodate standards to different situations or needs.

You never know what surprise life will give, and in a difficult time, you have two options: You give up or adapt.

Having the flexibility to find the best situations in the worst scenarios is indispensable in searching for happiness.

Remember that an ingredient of happiness is how far away your expectations are from your reality. If you don’t have the flexibility to change your reality or readjust your expectations, you’re doomed to frustration.


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